• Help your experts better understand customer needs and find solutions to your customers problems. Order inspiring sales coaching and see results in your operations straightaway.

  • For the Finnish market

  • Do you want to launch your healthcare product in the Finnish market?

  • Finland is a suitably sized country for testing the demand for a product or service, building a scalable concept and testing the functionality of the concept in practice. If you have already commodified your product and service and know how to sell and market your products, now is the time to start internationalising.

  • For the German market

  • Do you want to internationalise? Germany is Finland´s top export market, with about 82 million residents. Germans are interested in Finnish healthcare products and Germany offers numerous different sales channels to choose from. I specialise in launching consumer healthcare products for the German market.

  • I offer:

  • Market research for healthcare products and services
  • Selection of business partners and sales channels
  • Help with trade shows

  • Coaching for healthcare industry experts

  • Sales coaching for experts

  • A good salesperson is also a good customer service provider. Each expert will learn new ways to approach customers naturally, building self-confidence and the courage to initiate sales contacts. Group learning is effective, as participants glean ideas from one another and can also share their own know-how.

    Nobody sleeps through these training sessions - we become enthusiastic, practice and are encouraged to become better customer service providers. Training is tailored to the participants needs. At the end of the day, all the participants have a clear picture of how they plan to use what they learned and improve their sales results in their own work, starting the very next day. Training utilises facilitation and Peili TM behavioural profile coaching tools.

  • Who benefits from coaching?

  • Training is well-suited for doctors, psychologists, employees at natural products shops, pharmacies, opticians, healthcare aid stores, healthcare centres, veterinary centres and physical therapy companies who want to improve their own sales and customer-service skills and are looking for the courage to contact customers straightforwardly.

  • Commodification coaching

  • Learn to commodify your product or service so you can clarify your customer target group, stand out among your competitors, improve quality, operate more efficiently and improve your profits as sales grow. During coaching, all participants practice commodifying their own product or service.

  • Healthcare business operations consultant

  • My work includes projects with companies and organisations in the healthcare industry to commodify, develop and internationalise their products and services. I help startup companies as well as experienced small and mid-sized businesses develop their operations, obtain financing and improve their experts sales and customer service skills.

  • Our collaboration can include for example:

  • Market research and testing of products and services
  • Commodification and commercialisation of products and services
  • Testing, development and implementation of sales and sales channels
  • Internationalisation and establishing a presence in foreign markets, particularly Germany
  • Introducing foreign companies to the Finnish market

  • CEO, Geschäftsführerin
    Riitta Pallasvuo
    B.Sc. (Econ.), Diploma in Marketing Management

    Koivukyläntie 8 E 19
    01300 Vantaa Finland

    tel: +358 40 530 7239


    VAT: FI2378220-1